NOVA T6 – New Users

    • Nova T6 is the new generation of Timetabling software from SIMS
    • Nova T6 will import the Curriculum Plan existing in the appropriate Nova T6 timetable or the user can start from scratch
    • Nova T6 offers the user the ability to construct, analyse and schedule the timetable.  The work is very visual and uses a ‘click and drag’ approach.
    • The completed timetable can be returned directly to for the allocation of pupils and then printing.

    Practical sessions on:
    • Importing data from NovaT6 (or even NovaT4)
    • Setting the correct Cycle definition
    • Constructing one or more Curriculum Plan
    • Assigning resources (teachers, facilities, rooms) to the classes
    • Choose session lengths for each class and deploy the resources
    • Apply suitable entries for non teaching activities and for to blank out part time staff for part of the week
    • Construct the timetable (manual and/or automatic scheduling)
    • Managing the timetable
    • Exporting the timetable to SIMS. Net

    Schools are encouraged to send two colleagues on these courses wherever possible including possibly an administrator.
    Delegates should have a working knowledge of the academic organisation of the school.
    Previous knowledge of NovaT is not a requirement.
    Some knowledge of timetabling with or without IT support is expected.
    Those with little or no timetabling experience should consider attending the Timetabling – an Introduction Course prior to attending this course.
    It is highly recommended that delegates also attend the SIMS Academic Management course

    Four full days 09.30 – 15.30
    These training days are deliberately organised in pairs spread over a period of time to allow the user to follow up their training on their own data prior to the next main session, so that any suitable questions can be addressed. If possible bring along  a schematic diagram of the curriculum plan.

    £940 per school (up to 2 people attending) (SLA rate)

    Course Booking enquiries
    01392 385300 or email

    Course dates to be allocated according to demand. If you are interested in this course, please complete the form below;